Torin Blackthorne

Day After Disease


  • Sleep, cure.
  • Fly to home of large half-orc and tiny human woman.
  • Slay boar on the way, make note of location.
  • Approach Content Not Found: Brunn and wave.
  • Pay 8 gp and offer boar to care for child.
  • Brunn calls for Bethany. She gets lost in the corn, then shows up.
  • Brunn explains, Beth takes boy into house.
  • Take sled back to boar and pick it up.
  • Wyvern attacks upon return!
  • Polymorph to sheep, tie to tree.
  • Take roundabout way to farm.
  • Send inside, release spell, wait outside for wyvern.
  • Wyvern flies overhead and away.
  • Kids hang out together, ask questions about city. Beth tries to feed him.

Logging Operation

  • While near pass, saw logging.
  • Dragonborn female in charge.
  • Charring bottom of trees for easier cutting.
  • Using horses to pull logs to city.
  • Do not appear to belong to Tycho.
  • Fly down near dragonborn, with team selecting a tree.
  • Ask why destroying forests and animal homes.
  • Explain the plan. Serving no one directly, volunteering.



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